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How much would a Budget 4WD Trip cost us.

I split costs into up front set-up costs and on-going on the road costs.

Up front set-up costs

Vehicle Costs

  • The difference in vehicle purchase price and resale.

  • Stamp Duty 2-3% of the car’s purchase price

  • Insurance allow say $300 pa and bring evidence of your claim history.

  • Registration varies between states but can be up to A$700 for a 4WD – you should take this into account when negotiating the purchase price. This includes 3rd party injury but not 3rd property. Continue reading

How to Carry Your Money on the Road

Money cash Australia New Zealand

One of the issues buying a vehicle brings up is how to transfer a reasonably large amount of cash to Australia, even if you hope to get most of that cash back at the end of the trip.

The cheapest way to large amounts of money internationally is to pay a set fee per a transaction rather than paying a percentage of the cash transferred. Using an international credit or debit card means that you will be paying up to 2% on money received – that adds up to a lot. A better option is an international transfer which charges a one-off fee, but this will require you to have an Australian bank account to receive money into Continue reading